Event Communications

MoorTalk-Live originated in 2008 under the trading name of Broadband Logistics and has provided services to small and major events across the country such as Rock on the Rocks, Triplefest, Trowbridge Villiage Pump, 2012 Olympic Torch Relay, Nass Festival, London Freeze, Red Bull Soapbox Race, Party in the Park, Opera in the Park, Glastonbury Festival and Boardmasters to name but a few and over the years has grown into a full time telecommunications provider.

We use our expertise to arrange whatever connectivity is required for your event. Our engineering team and back office staff have experience working with a number of technologies including leased lines ,EFM, Satellite, point to point links , ISDN, FTTC, ADSL or even dial up and most importantly provide these services with a STRICT “Leave No Trace” policy.


We can provision permanent or temporary telephone lines to any UK site, (providing that there is BT Openreach infrastructure within the vicinity). We also use our own telephone billing system which provides full itemisation of calls made during your event and accurate billing down to the second.

We can also provision our Voice Over IP (VoIP) service across any site, or number of sites, please click here for more information on the MoorTalk VoIP service.


We utilise our existing portfolio of services to provide temporary broadband to event sites and depending on the requirements for the event we can advise accordingly.

For larger events, MoorTalk-Live has a number of options to provide high speed connectivity over ‘traditional’ phone lines achieving speeds of up to 80mbps. Dedicated (uncontended) high speed connectivity of 20Mb up/down (EFM or GEA) can be installed without the lead time of fibre optics to provide high speed connectivity where fibre may be impractical due to the cost of installation or time restrictions.

Wireless Links

MoorTalk-Live has access to a number of points of presence (PoPs) throughout the UK which can wirelessly provide high speed connectivity to your site. Services may also be wirelessly distributed across a site to individual porta cabins or compounds.

Fibre Connectivity

For installations with very demanding requirements, the installation of a MoorTalk fibre (Direct Internet Access) may be suitable which can support speeds ranging from 10mbps to 1Gb. (More information on this service can be found here.)

Satellite Internet

MoorTalk-Live has eleven high speed satellite units in stock ready for deployment to provide high speed connectivity with minimum notice to any UK location at a cost effective price.

Quality Connectivity

Our Satellite service can be setup quickly and deliver excellent speeds, especially for those who require more than a poorly performing broadband line or a 3G dongle can deliver. The Satellite system seamlessly integrates with our Wifi equipment so that the internet connectivity may be shared over an on-site Wifi network and even utilise our VoIP telephony service. We can also bond a number of satellite systems together to provide a truly robust network for the most demanding media office or press-tent.

We also provide a bespoke 1-1 contention news-spotter service bookable by the hour which is capable of streaming live video or audio up to 6Mb/s guaranteed bandwidth.

Remote Locations

When setting up a site in a remote location, internet connections and telephones can be difficult to arrange. Satellite can be installed next to or on top of a porta-cabin to provide high speed temporary broadband, all we need is power.

Popup Events

Quick to set up for events which require internet connectivity for a short period. The unit can be installed and removed within hours to provide high speed access for demonstrations or launches.

Summary of Features:

  • Available throughout the UK
  • Instant on service always available
  • Quick to set up and take down – less than one hour installation
  • Suitable solution for when other options are exhausted or at short notice
  • Download speeds up to 20 Mbps with upload of 6 Mbps
  • UK Public IP addresses provided as standard which are linked to Telehouse in London.

Other Technologies

Legacy services such as ISDN, PSTN Dial up or SDSL are also possible depending on requirements and site location.

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