Welcome to MoorTalk Ltd

Your dedicated Business Telecommunications provider for the Staffordshire Moorlands.

We specialise in delivering telecom and connectivity solutions to homeworkers, Small businesses and SME’s across the Staffordshire Moorlands and beyond. We utilise the services of the Openreach network to deliver our telephone and broadband services, along with Leased Lines or Ethernet, EFM, ADSL and FTTC depending on your requirements. Our VoIP PBX service is designed to work over our broadband services offering a flexible range of options at a fraction of the cost of traditional and legacy PBX products and benefits from our low call charges which are billed down to the second. Please see below for more details on our range of products.

Business Phone & Broadband

MoorTalk’s Business telephone lines are provided on a 1 month rolling contract. Our Phone & FTTC Broadband on a 12 Month Contract.

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MoorTalk VoIP

MoorTalk VoIP is the name of our cloud PBX platform that can replace your traditional telephony system. It comes with…

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FTTC Broadband

FTTC or “Fibre To The Cabinet” as it is otherwise known, is a next-generation replacement for traditional ADSL broadband services…

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MoorTalk EFM

EFM, or Ethernet First Mile, is an extremely resilient DSL service best suited for businesses where a professional-grade connection…

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Ethernet Service & Leased Lines

Our Ethernet Service (Leased Line) is a point-to-point superfast broadband service using a 100% fibre connection. This delivers…

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MoorTalk Live

MoorTalk-Live uses our expertise as a fixed line telecoms provider to arrange whatever connectivity is required for your event…

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